War Plan

Create VBV and VINE Website Headquarters!


David J. Schwartz

Our mission objective is to vigorously defend veterans' families against financial failure before and after they settle worker compensation or personal injury claims. Accomplishing this objective will put an extra $8 Billion per year into the purses and wallets of injured veteran families - with ZERO cost from VBV to the vets and taxpayers. Veteran family survival is our #1 priority. Donated funds will be used to build the VBV Strategic Online Base HQ and to develop the Veterans' Injury Network (VINE) of participating lawyers and mediators in all 50 states. This will provide veterans' families with critical intel, logistical support and networking assets that they will need to successfully complete the perilous injury representation journey.

Lawyers are not evil. Quite simply, since lawyers are self-regulated, lawyers have not been forced to become more efficient to advertise the lower prices that the lawyers who actually do the work (working lawyers) have charged, secretly, since the Great Depression. will not be asking lawyers to charge any non-publicized prices that the "working lawyers" have not been charging for decades. We simply make the prices and contract terms known to veterans before the veterans go to a lawyers office. This neutralizes the stress and negotiating leverage between lawyers and veterans.

The US Constitution allows only two forces to regulate lawyers: lawyers/courts and consumers by negotiating prices and other terms. Since consumers have not demanded better efficiency from lawyers, until now, lawyers have not recognized market forces for competition on price, quality and value like the rest of America has done during the last 30 year explosion of computer driven Internet technology.  It is now time for lawyers to become more efficient and pass those savings onto their clients in the form of lower rates like the rest of our American economy.

Lawyers usually help people by charging contingent fees. But the 1/3rd (33.3%) price is too high for most injury claims. So the the biggest change for injury consumers in the next 20 years is not going to be made by lawyers, but instead by the clients. This is because lawyers became wealthy and powerful by working on lower rates and non-publicized discounts for over 50 years. The biggest objective VBV has to accomplish to complete its mission of saving veterans' families is to educate the consumer veterans of long-standing facts - not by changing the prices that "working  lawyers" work for. 


VBV will help consumer veterans to change their entire way of thinking about lawyers to include the tried and true facts about the actual price lawyers have been working for and will usually accept in a negotiation. This will help to change veterans' thinking to know that they can negotiate the terms with a lawyer instead of just agreeing to whatever the lawyer offers. This simple, critical change in thinking and behavior by consumer veterans can normally save a veterans' family thousands of dollars of unnecessary lawyer fees. The resulting money vets might save on lawyer fees can pay for medical bills and necessary expenses to prevent veterans robbing Peter to pay Paul to get medical bills paid and probably going bankrupt.

Veterans' families will access our improved website to learn how and where to obtain good legal services at fair prices with trusted participating VINE injury lawyers. (We will try to find as many veteran lawyers as we can! Hire a vet!) Among other necessary expenses, funds will be used to pay staff and market the VBV "Help Millions Save Billions - Save Families!" message and to create training videos for veterans to watch so they will not overpay for a good injury lawyer.  



Train, Warn and Educate Veteran Families of Common Lawyer Fee Tactics and How To Defeat Them!

VBV's website(s) and nationwide network of VINE lawyers and fellow vets will be available to families who are needing a link to injury victim consumers' rights information or some fellow veterans' encouragement on what they should look for and what to avoid in shopping for an injury lawyer. 

Veterans may also need information on how to deal with lawyers that they already hired. is not alone in calling for change in how much money injury clients are charged. Families must be aware that lawyer-to-lawyer referral finder’s fees have been outlawed in Colorado! Follow the "Colorado Rule" to save money!


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Save Veteran Families' Medical Bills Money To Preserve Veteran Families!

Medical bills are the #1 cause for bankruptcy! Bankruptcy is the #1 cause of divorced/separated families. Veterans stressing about their unpaid medical bills can develop PTSD, and lead to suicide. See Link:  Over 20 veterans per day commit suicide for a variety of reasons - sometimes it is from financial stress.

Many times bankruptcy is caused by injury lawyers charging the old-fashioned 1/3rd price-fixed fees and referral finder’s fee kickbacks, instead of a lower, more efficient fee. Through old-fashioned customs, those 1/3rd contingent fees are taken by lawyers out of the clients' "medical bills funds" that were paid to the veterans by insurance companies to settle injury claims. Without that money to pay for medical bills, thousands of veteran families go bankrupt every year! 

Don’t be fooled by innefficiant, 80-year-old, legal fee customs in the Internet Era! Veterans deserve more lawyer fee TRANSPARENCY! VBV and VINE help Veterans to stick together and watch each other's backs when they are injured.