VbV Video #1: Beware of Lawyer Referral Fees!

Veterans protect your family and avoid bankruptcy! [Actual run time 2:50] This video is a great because a whistleblower explains why and how veterans are losing billions of dollars every year that they need for family medical bills to unnecessary and hidden lawyer injury fees! A must see! 

Video #2 Warning! Injury Lawyer Fee Bankruptcy Minefield!

Veterans do not realize that it is like running across a financial minefield, by not asking lawyers the right questions about referral fee kickbacks. One missed step and it could be a financial disaster for a veteran's family. This is because veterans and other consumers are regularly charged for legal fees they never authorized. In fact, Colorado has outlawed this type of kickback fee paid between working and non-working lawyers. Visit VictoryByVeterans.org and spread the word!

VbV Video #3: Request For Executive Orders

This video requests America's top government and private industry executives to issue executive orders that prohibit lawyer employees from moonlighting, by receiving lawyer-to-lawyer injury claim referral fee kickbacks. Those kickbacks are outlawed in Colorado. Charging the vets for them denies veterans' families billions of dollars of money they need to pay medical bills. If no action is taken, taxpayers pick up the tab for secret, unauthorized lawyer fees and veteran families go bankrupt.

VbV Video #4: Form 1099 Proof and Basics of Referral Fees

Basic explanation of what are lawyer-to-lawyer referral fees. Also gives suggested questions to ask your lawyer(s) in order to prove if you have been a victim of paying unauthorized referral fee kickbacks. Clients are charged over $25 Billion dollars per year of unauthorized referral fees and advertising mark-ups/fee increases. It is your money that you need to pay family medical bills and necessary expenses. Without those monies, there is a good chance your family may go bankrupt! Be informed!

VbV Video #5: Request to Exonerate B. Gen. Moran

This video is very unique in American history. It requests US Senators Duckworth and McCain, who are also highly decorated combat pilots like B. Gen. Moran, to open Moran's military file and establish that he was wrongly accused and "convicted" by the Pentagon of being in organized crime for participating in America's lawyer referral fee kickback program conducted by the Judicial Branch without formal charges or the right to defend himself. This will honor my 91 year old mother's request. 

Video#6 Google's#1 Profit From Injury Lawyer Kickback System

The most powerful and wealthy Internet search engines benefit draw record profits from the "advertising mark-ups" charged in the injury lawyer-to-lawyer referral fee kickback system. Corporate dynasties are made off of the injuries of innocent families and their mis-allocated monies vets need for medical bills. Veterans can stand up to these dark money business practices and claim victory for all injured Americans!  This is info. you will never see on TV or read in the Wall Street Journal!

VbV Video #7: Lego My Injury Money Google!

Few Americans know the secret reasons of how injury lawyers and their poor, uninformed injury clients have paid for the amazing profits of Internet search engines. Perhaps the search engines should pay something back? VbV can help vets to find a lawyer who will treat them fairly on the price of injury fees. There has been no bigger American expose` since the Pentagon Papers, The Big Short, Spotlight or Edward Snowden's NSA revelations. $2 Trillion in losses to the poor!

Video #8: Referral Kickbacks + Search Engines = Huge Profit

It is what it is - exponential profits. A money maker like nobody has ever seen. This is what happens when shrewd IT businessmen combine the unregulated lawyer-to-lawyer referral fee kickbacks and "standard fee" price-fixing system(s) with the power of the Internet. You get the Internet boom! #1 Profits for everyone...except the injured poor veterans who, like cows milked dry of medical bills funds, stagger off to go bankrupt. Injury lawyers were not talking for decades of profits...until now.  

VbV Video #9: A Doctor, Fairness to Veterans and Statistics

History repeats itself. US lawyers have a monopoly. They don't want to change to compete on price/quality/value, in order to become more efficient like all the other businesses in America. That means vets must stand strong and demand that lawyers become better. Veterans have the right to have their legal bills audited just like patients have the right to have their doctor wash his hands. It is doing what is right to follow The Golden Rule for those who pledged their lives in our defense.

Video # 10: Lawyers Must Be More Efficient and Competitive

Lawyers have kept the same one-third [1/3 or 33%] "Standard Fee" for over Eighty (80) years! The 1/3rd contingent fee is inefficient because it bankrupts tens of thousands of veterans families every year who need money to pay future medical bills. Veterans, it is time to stand up for your families. It is what US veterans do; they defend the defenseless. and watch each others backs. VbV will help veterans to make lawyers more efficient and price competitive.

VbV Video #11: Physicians Go to Prison and Lawyers Get Rich!

This video discusses the contradictory double standard between physicians and lawyers regarding the simple referral of an injured person to another professional and receiving payment for that simple referral. For a paid referral, doctors go to prison and lawyers go to the country club. Veterans, take your country back one injured veteran at a time. You and your family deserve much better treatment by America's injury lawyers. God Bless America, her judges and lawyers, and her veterans!

Video # 12: Organize the Injury Clients!

All great movements require organization, determination and lots of time. The lawyers have been organized for 200 years. Finally, the clients can organize through VictoryByVeterans.org in order to receive better price, quality and value from lawyers. The US Constitution begins, "We The People..." not ... We the Lawyers.  It would not be America if it had not been for veterans leading the way to freedom! God Bless America's judges, lawyers and veterans! And God Bless America!


Secret Kept for 55 Years Helps Veterans Today [1 7 2018] (pptx)


Opioids, Lawyers, Money and Dr Shopping [1 7 2018] (pdf)